5 Best Not Totally Junky Halloween Candies (That Aren't Embarrassing to Hand Out)

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Halloween is just around the corner, and if you're not looking to spook kids with Type 2 Diabetes, or even worse, boxes of raisins, we've tracked down treats that aren't complete garbage, but at least masquerade as it. After all, if you're passing out individually wrapped prunes, you totally deserve to have demons rain toilet paper upon your house of terror!

5. Yummy Earth's Blood Orange Organic Lollipops
Now, these just look delicious. Blood orange lollipops? Break me off a piece of that! The classiest and yummiest lollipop on the block! Which, we know, isn't saying much but still, you could totally serve these to adults. Semi-proudly, even.


4. Mini Glee Gum Mix
This gum is g-d adorable, and a fantastic treat for kids of every age! It's different than the normal trick-or-treat crap, but not in a "choose your favorite penny from grandma's creepy bowl of pennies" way. The bright colors, cute packaging, and kid-friendly flavors make it a natural fit for All Hallow's Eve.

3. Endangered Species Chocolate's Bug Bites
They're organic, fair trade, and come with INSECT TRADING CARDS -- what could be cuter?? I mean, spookier! Actually, the scariest part is the price but hey, they're available in bulk, and it's not such a big price to pay when you consider the fact that no little kids are hurt in the making or eating of it. Halloween deep thoughts!


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