5 Best Food-Themed Halloween Costumes

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The time has come for San Franciscans to nail down their perfect ironic/disrespectful/tramp-ified Halloween costume. If you're tired of choosing between slutty cat and slutty bunny, we're here to help! Since this is a food blog, we're going to explore the five best food-related Halloween costumes, and help you execute them in style! No, you won't be wearing a white sheet and going as a bag of flour/possible klan member, we already did the five worst food-related Halloween costumes. Please note: If you MUST slutty it up, you can always just shorten these costumes to your crotch or go as Sexy Chinese Takeout. So sexy!

5. Jared from Subway, before and after

Untitleddrawing (1).jpg
​I really can't say anything more to sell this costume other than it's the world's best idea and if you don't do it, you're an idiot.

You need: For the fat person, a t-shirt and jeans. For the skinny person: a t-shirt and jeans to wear, and a pair of the fat person's jeans to carry around. Jared name tags and Subway sandwiches are optional, but recommended.

4. Los Pollos Hermanos Employee

AMC's Breaking Bad

Can you imagine working for Gus Fring? Shit, ain't nothing scarier.

You need: red apron, bright yellow polo shirt, and a red visor. Here's where things get advanced, you have to make your own signage for your visor but I believe in you and the ability of your Epson 5000. You might also want to carry a basket of fried chicken around. If you want to go the fake costume route (wimp!), you could always just wear a Los Pollos Hermanos t-shirt.

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Food themed costumes will be funny and creative if you wear them to a Halloween dinner party and i would like to go with pumpkin or any other fruit costume, found few creative costumes at http://www.couponskart.com/sto...


Hey Halloweenies,

How about pairing up some great food themed costumes with equally great Halloween food. Just check out here. http://www.ifood.tv/network/ha...


this idea sounds great!............and the article is also nice! i really like this bramback!


Let's not forget -- George Michael also wore the banana costume on Arrested Development. 

If you're going as GOB, you should also have some cards, a thing that squirts lighter fluid from your sleeve, and (ideally) a Segway.


Banana costume...sounds interesting. I would not mid a pumpkin costume too...

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