Vegan Drag Queen Cooking Shows, Wool Free Winter Coat Pop-up in the Mission, & Cookies!

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• You know how nobody in San Francisco has any style? Well, this weekend you can attempt to buy some! Vaute Couture is bringing its cute-ass wool-free winter coats of sexiness to a pop-up shop at VegNews' offices in the Mission! You'll get to try on Vaute's brand-new 2011 collection of smart and sexxxy winter coats for men and women, drink gallons of free Champagne, and eat millions of free Fat Bottom Bakery cupcakes. Plus, the coats will be available at a severe discount. SEVERE. So braid that leg hair, don that crystal deodorant, and make your reservation today!

BP is pouring dispersant chemicals onto the gulf stream oil spills, but it might be doing more damage than good. Basically, BP didn't do any research because they're a bunch of assholes and now cancer is eating the ocean. Basically.

Idaho's #1 agricultural industry is no longer potatoes, it's now CAFO's. The state is chock-full of factory farms, and there's more set to come in form of chicken farms fleeing from states with stricter regulations. Alma Hasse from Idaho Concerned Area Residents for the Environment says, "Lord only knows how our groundwater and air pollution problems will be compounded when the chickens arrive." Scary. Larry.

• There's a vegan drag queen! And she's sexy as all hell and has a cooking show. The future is now and I think I like it! Watch Honey LaBronx make seitan and revel in her cuteness and then buy me that dress and make me some food.

• According to an August report from Euromonitor International, people are eating less meat! Yay us! We all deserve a parade to celebrate "Way to Give a the Tiniest Little Bit of a Shit" day!

Avian Flu is back on the rise. This is like Hitchcock's The Birds but way more terrifying because there are literally billions of shit-covered chickens ready to peck our eyes out. Say it with me: We deserve this!

• We're giving away a sexy vegan swimsuit on Vegansaurus just in time for the end of summer! We know what's up. Anyway, WIN IT!

• There's a new stock photo site of 100% vegan photos! I know, this is a very specialized niche, but vegans be taking photos of vegan food, ya dig? Anyway, SUPPORT THEM! (hat tip, quarrygirl!)

• It's dog and cat best friends! I know this is an old video but I love kittens and I love pit bulls so deal with it, baby! Happy Weekend to you and you and you and YOU!

Make me this cookie jar for me as a gift for all I do for you! Which you might think is not much and the fact is, it's not, but just getting out of bed is hard for me, so writing this column is tantamount to going up the mountain to carve the ten commandments on tablets. While blind. And with a nasty foot infection. And I'm scared of heights. And NOBODY EVER TAUGHT ME TO READ. Now who's the asshole??

Laura Beck is a founding editor of Vegansaurus! and tweets at mrpenguino.
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Growing up, the family dog and cat were best friends. They'd sleep together in a shared dog/cat-bed, cuddle, run around. Very adorable. Of course, she would also hide behind the couch, wait for him to turn the corner, and then jump on his face, which seemed sort of dickish/hilarious. Anyways, dogs and cats.

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