Wakeup Video: How to Make Vietnamese Coffee

High Beam Media
Eric Slatkin, a San Franciscan who makes films under the name High Beam Media, just finished a three-minute short on how to make Vietnamese coffee -- you know, the kind that drips slowly from a metal filter into a glass of sweetened, condensed milk and is just as good hot as it is cold.

On his Vimeo page, Slatkin mentions that he purchased his Phin metal filter at Kamei Housewares (525 Clement, at Sixth Ave.) and Trung-Nguyen coffee at New May Wah (707 Clement, at Eighth Ave.), but SFoodie thinks it would be just as good with De La Paz's Oscillations blend. Watch the video after the jump:

How To Make Vietnamese Coffee from High Beam Media on Vimeo.

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I like the video.  I always forget about Vietnamese coffee and since there is a pretty large Vietnamese population here in Warsaw, Poland I'm hoping I can find one of those Phin filters.  Condensed milk shouldn't be too hard to find.  I have new mission. 

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