The Golden Gate Meat Company's Breakfast Sandwich Can Get You Through a Morning

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I understand that the very existence of breakfast sandwiches is evidence that something is deeply wrong with our society: They're scarfables not meant to be tasted, cheesebombs we gulp down as we dash through a world that affords us not just no time to cook, but not even time for last-century niceties like utensils or eating while sitting down.

That's how I ate my first Golden Gate Meat Company breakfast sandwich. It's not how I've eaten the 10 or so that have followed, once a week. These are a treat, not some on-the-go staple, and savoring one in the shadow of a Bay Bridge jumping with traffic is a serious morning pleasure.

Heading up the Embarcadero, I slip into the Ferry Building, sidle up to the Meat Company's counter (stall #13), and dole out five bucks (six if you're paying with a card) for a top-notch fistful of fresh egg, lightly applied but sharply memorable cheddar, and smoked applewood bacon.

Unlike the runny glop that often passes for a breakfast sandwich, these tastes blend: crisp, strong notes cohering into a chord of rich, warm tastiness. Sometimes there's a bit of drama with the bacon -- well-salted and thick as a Hot Wheels track. A careless bite can accidentally yank out a strip of it and ruin the excellent per-bite egg-to-meat-to-cheese-to-bread ratio. But, mostly, it's a steady pleasure, a good five minute nosh that reminds how the simple and the expedient can, in a foodie town like this, yield something exquisite.

(Also: No burps afterwards, which is rare for this kind of thing.)



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$5 for an egg sandwich?

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