Sugar Sues Corn Syrup for False Advertising. No Joke.

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Sugar: going on the offensive.
Yesterday the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles began hearing arguments over an odd lawsuit filed by a group of sugar producers against a group of producers and marketers of high-fructose corn syrup. The charge? False advertising.

Big Sugar is mad that Big HFCS -- upset over the public vilification it's been getting from socialist elitists like Michael Pollan and Michelle Obama -- launched a $50 million campaign to rebrand HFCS as "corn sugar." Big HFCS has even petitioned the FDA to allow the name change, but that petition is still pending. Hence the ad campaign. And Big Sugar's attempt to reclaim its good (?) name.

Some experts say that table sugar and HCFS are similar enough in their proportions of fructose and glucose that they have the same effect on the body. Other research studies have found the differences are significant enough that HCFS leads to more weight gain. Almost every nutritionist out there argues we need to eat less of both.

The problem isn't a name, it's a price: Both sugar and HFCS are far too cheap and easy to load up on. But that's not an opinion you'll hear from either the defendant or the plaintiff.

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