Straus Milk Now Comes in Lunch Box (or Cafe) Size

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I grew up with milk delivered to my door, in glass bottles, from the local dairy, so when I moved to the Bay Area, Straus quickly became my milk of choice. It's whole milk with a thick cream top, just like I had as a kid.

Now it might be a little easier for me to get my kids to drink the milk, as Straus is introducing one-pint single-serving bottles. The company sees this line expansion as a way to break into not just your lunch box, but the cafe crowd.

To be candid, a pint of glass is a bit big for the average lunch box, but I'm hoping the cuteness factor will win out over the weight.

One place you might decide to imbibe is Miette's Ferry Building location. Miette already uses Strauss butter and cream in baking and saw the mini bottles as a natural fit.

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"We're excited to offer Straus pint-sized glass bottles," said Meg Ray, owner of Miette. "Our customers enjoy drinking milk with their cookies."

Straus plans to sell its organic, cream-top 2 percent milk in "cafés, coffee houses, neighborhood grocery stores and supermarkets in the San Francisco Bay Area."

Suggested retail is $1.50 plus a bottle deposit, and reports that 80 percent of customers return the bottles for the deposit fee. SFoodie is a huge advocate of recycling, but the bottles are so attractive that we decided to offer a look at what the other 20 percent might be used for.

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Reusing beats recycling. The vase idea is great. 

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