Sexy Burgertime, CSAs, and Stupid Booze Laws: This Week in Food Bloggery

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Five highlights from SFoodie this week:

1. Marla Simon put in a crazy amount of research to come up with a comprehensive guide to CSAs that deliver to San Franciscans. Part 1 covered fruits and vegetables; part 2 compiled eggs, meat, and dairy. Both are worth bookmarking.

2. SFoodie picked 25 of our favorite burgers in the city, and then had Albert Law photograph them all. If you thought burgers weren't photogenic, Albert will prove you wrong.

3. Did you know that all that sangria and house-made bitters you've been drinking have actually been illegal? This week, Scott Baird and Josh Harris led a push to get Governor Brown to sign a bill into law allowing bartenders to create infusions, a statewide ban that dates back to the end of Prohibition. Just in time for SF Cocktail Week, the governor did.

4. This week's edition of "SF Etiquette" tries to reassure skittish wine drinkers that there is, in fact, a point to that fussy rigamarole around pouring wine in a restaurant. As a diner, all you have to do is nod.

5. Marla Simon worked as the kitchen manager on a new San Francisco-based cooking show, "Easy Chinese: SF." Here she tells of near disasters, par-cooked lobsters, and multiple shopping trips to get just the right ingredient.

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