Is There Too Much Food Media?

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The Chew stars some famous chefs and, OMG, What Not to Wear's Clinton Kelly!
Two food-themed television networks. Chef-branded food magazines. Food apps. A new food-themed lifestyle show on ABC called The Chew. Is it all getting too much?

Earlier this week, Adweek asked that very question, delving into the apparently recession-proof growth of the food media and the fact that food shows and magazines are now magnets for non-kitchen-related advertisers. Fifty percent of us regularly watch food TV. Sixty-year-old men in rural Indiana now know what phrases like "extra-virgin olive oil" and "sweating onions" mean.

Are the 11 existing shows about cakes or cupcakes cannibalizing each other in terms of ad revenue and, well, popular interest? Undoubtably. But what's wrong with the fact that more and more Americans are talking about food? There's a lot to talk about. 

SFoodie looks at the amount of ad money poured into the sports media, and the number of TV, internet, and print outlets devoted to everything from sailing to football. Hey, if we can watch all that baseball, which zero point barely anything of the population actually plays in their spare time, why shouldn't all of us who eat spend three hours a day "learning" how to braise shortribs and stir-fry cabbage?

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