Gordon Ramsay Is on His Way, and So Is Ice Cream Bar and Latest Philz Coffee

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The past 24 hours in gossip, innuendo, and cold hard facts about the San Francisco food scene.

Arguably the angriest chef in the kitchen, Gordon Ramsay, is heading to the Bay Area for an episode of Kitchen Nightmares. His team is looking for diners to grab a seat in Fremont at the steak and seafood restaurant Saki's Spin A Yarn. We wonder if the diners are for the "before" or "after" crowd, because that makes all the difference. Email the producers for reservations.

We all scream for ice cream: Eater SF reports Cole Valley's the Ice Cream Bar is looking to open in mid-October. Expect scoops with a side of vintage. Owner Juliet Pries (former partner of Kezar Pub) just unveiled its art deco-designed sign and had someone drive a vintage soda fountain to the City from Michigan. Expect long-time favorites on the menu (egg creams, banana splits, and floats) made from 10-12 organic, seasonal selections. A beer and wine license is in the works for those who want ice cream with a kick.

More frozen treat news: 7x7 shares a little more on Chef Josie Malave's latest venture Queen of Pops. The frozen concoctions will draw inspiration from rock 'n roll, and while we're not sure how whammy bars and drum solos will transcend into flavors, we'll find out when she debuts the line next spring.

Philz Coffee is readying to open its fifth S.F. location. Noe Valley SF shares, via a Philz tweet, that the popular coffee shop is moving in to 4298 24th St. (at Douglas), and plans to be serving coffee and its mint garnishes by December.

The Hidden Vine is found: Eater SF shares an update on Grub Street's report of the wine bar's move to the Financial District (from the space now housing the Barrel Room). The Hidden Vine plans to start pouring Oct. 12 in its larger 408 Merchant (at Battery) space, and will feature an expanded food menu -- and a bocce ball court. Interesting.

On the other side of the Bay, Greg Lutes (formerly of Waterfront) will head up a new direction for the Berkeley Skates on the Bay as executive chef. Inside Scoop shares Lutes will keep the menu sustainable seafood-focused, while the interior (reminiscent of the early 1990s) will undergo a substantial change, and should be complete by December.

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In my never humble opinion with decades of vittles eatin' experience and with a Ma who fed us younguns' with the finest 'possum stew to ever pour out of a front yard kettle (the one next to the old Chevy lawn ornament atop the cement blocks) and my grabbing my own Ma when I became a man at 15 and she got a mighty-fine black iron kettle of her own for our shanty over yonder 'cross the ridge, hill and holler and we commenced getting a dozen or so of our own younguns' (can't be sure which ones are ours since the neighbors younguns' and ours get intermixed but as long as they get fed and don't run through the okra and green beans and our younguns' get to eat at other shantys also all works well.

Anyways, being an eatin' expert when Ma and I do sumpthin' special for our gettin-hitched anniversary and head off into that BIG town over yonder where all those city-slickers hunker down at and do sumpthin special to celebrate we always head for that high-falutin' eatin' place Golden Corral.

Pay the gal inside then grab a plate that won't break and head for the troughs and begin tasting the HUGE horde of foods offered.

I grabbed more of what tastes good until the plate is full, sit down, and start filling the whole in the face.

Mighty-fine grub!!!

After emptying the plate it's back for more. Then some more. Then Ma and me sit and burp lovingly at each other.

She's quite a gal and worth the cost of feeding her.

After our innards settle we head back for more vittles. Needing time to git' back to the shanty we leave after the second go-round and four or five more plates full we mosey out the door and head for the shanty knowing the younguns' found food somewhere, even if they had to split up and go to several other shanties.

It's likely the neighbors aren't sure which youngun' belongs to who so they, also, just feed ahy youngun' squawking fer' vittles.

So I can only ponder why and how that chef Ramsey feller' thinks he's so gawd-awful smart about vittles.

Peter Castillo
Peter Castillo

Wondering why Ramsey would be going to Spin a Yarn in Fremont as the place seems to be getting good reviews on Yelp, http://www.yelp.com/biz/spin-a..., However, a comment of concern, "What irritated me was how obviously intoxicated the owner was. He just could not stop yelling at his staff, whom I felt really quite sympathetic towards. He was intimidating and aggressive. Strange combination for someone in the restaurant/hospitality industry. Maybe he was having an off-day, who knows? But really unprofessional in my opinion."

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