Dinner with a Dance Lesson for Just $40

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Ballroom & Dining Room Dance Series

Where: Tavern at Lark Creek, 234 Magnolia (at William), Larkspur

When: Mondays, Sept. 19-Oct. 10, dancing at 6 p.m., dinner at 7 p.m.

Cost: $40 per person

The Rundown: Dinner and dancing are a traditional standard of date nights everywhere. However, it's probably not the foxtrot or waltz and a prix fixe dinner - but it can be.

Tavern at Lark Creek's Ballroom & Dining Room series incorporates dancing lessons, a different style each week, followed by a seasonally inspired three-course dinner.

The inspiration for the series is a throwback to the town's past: Larkspur's Volunteer Fire Department hosted outdoor dances from 1913 through the 1940s at what they called the Rose Bowl. The popular dances (my grandparents loved going) were located a block away from where Tavern at Lark Creek stands, but alas, all that's left of the Rose Bowl is a grove of trees.

So after a 60-plus year hiatus, Tavern at Lark Creek is taking over. So grab a pip and some snazzy dancing shoes and shake a leg up to Marin.

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Tavern at Lark Creek

234 Magnolia, Larkspur, CA

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What could be more romantic then dancing and dining in one of the areas most classic and timeless locations, nestled in the woods next to a rushing creek.  Life doesn't get much better then this combination.

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