Congress Attempting to Stop the Frankenfish

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This is not AquaBounty's GM salmon. It is also not PhotoShopped. Good god.
For years, SFoodie has been hearing about the development of AquaBounty's AquAdvantage giant farmed salmon, which are bred to produce growth hormone continuously throughout their lives so they reach market weight much faster than regular farmed salmon. They would be the first GM animal to make it to market. 

The project has been seeking FDA approval for 15 (!) years, and for 15 years we've been reading concerns about what would happen if the fish escaped and bred with the general salmon population

Still, it was looking like FDA approval was only a matter of time. But the AP reports that a group of congress members -- first house reps, now senators -- are trying to stop the FDA

The new charge is led by a senator from Alaska, which has the country's largest wild-salmon fishing industry. AquaBounty is countering that most of its fish will be sterile females and its salmon pens are mostly hard to break out of, which we find incredibly reassuring. Don't miss the paragraph at the bottom of the article about other GM farm animals in the pipeline, which include a Canadian "Enviropig" with "less-polluting manure." All hail the future.

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Jerry Belle
Jerry Belle

How misleading - I thought Congress was finally trying to stop Al Franken from speaking.

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