Comprehensive Guide to CSAs in San Francisco: Meat, Eggs, Dairy, Etc.

A CSA meat package from Marin Sun Farms
​Many people tend to think of CSAs only for fruits and vegetables, but in the Bay Area we're also blessed with a variety of meatier options. We've done the work of finding the farmers; now all you have to do is place your order and start up the grill.

In all cases but Mr. Moo, the name in this post is a link to the website.

The Comprehensive Guide to CSAs for fruits and vegetables is here.


Brandon Natural Beef
Grass-fed beef from the company's ranch in Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Colorado is distributed monthly to the Bay Area. It's $50 for 10 pounds of ground beef or $90 for 9-10 lbs of steaks, ground beef, and short ribs.

Marin Sun Farms
Marin Sun Farms offers 10 monthly subscription options, from $40 (sausage only) to $240 (15 lb steak package). Combinations include 7 types of meat: beef, pork, goat, lamb, chicken, turkey and duck. Everything is 100 percent grass-fed and pasture-raised. There are 6 and 12 month subscriptions and delivery to 20 pick-up locations in the Bay Area.

Morris Grassfed
Morris Grassfed offers a CSA-style split half of beef, portioned and delivered throughout the year. The split halves are broken down into steaks, roasts, stew and ground beef and sold for $7.10/pound ($617.70 yearly for an 87 lb share). A $200 deposit is required.

Pastoral Plate
Pastoral plate is a Mission-based meat CSA and private buying collective. Monthly offerings include organic, locally raised beef, chicken, lamb, turkey and pork. Prices are $6.10/pound for chicken, $9.50/pound for house-smoked bacon and $16.75/pound for rack of lamb. Farm partnerships include Gleason's Ranch, Bodega, Swallow Valley Farm, Valley Ford and Carinelli's Ranch. They have one pick-up point in San Francisco and hope to add an East Bay spot soon.

Siren SeaSA
This community supported fishery connects subscribers with weekly offerings from local fisherman. Everything is hook-and-line caught within a 100 mile radius of San Francisco and delivered within 48 hours of leaving the boat. A full share of sustainable seafood (2 lbs of filet, 4 lbs of shellfish or 2 dozen oysters) costs $40 and a half share is $20. Choose to pay for four, eight, or 12 weeks at a time. Pick-up sites are available in San Francisco, Petaluma, Oakland and Mountain View.

Soul Food Farm
Vacaville-based Soul Food Farm offers a pastured egg and chicken CSA. Eggs cost $6.50 per dozen. Chickens are $6-$6.50 per pound, depending on size. They ask for $100 upfront to join, but there is no weekly commitment required. Delivery locations rotate on Wednesdays for San Francisco, Berkeley and Emeryville.


Bay Area Milkman
Pat the milkman has been delivering milk all over the Bay Area since 1984. Organic Straus milk in glass bottles is $4.39 per 1/2 gallon, with no minimum required. Delivery charges range from $1-$3.

Sonoma Marin Milkman
Mr. Moo has been selling Straus dairy products for 16 years. The Petaluma-based milkman delivers to Marin, Sonoma and San Francisco. Organic Straus milk in glass bottles is $4.40 per 1/2 gallon, no minimum required. Delivery is $3.50 per week. Call (707) 763-8661 or (888) Use-Milk; Mr. Moo has no website


Planet Organics

This family-owned Sonoma business delivers organic groceries throughout the Bay Area. Offerings include local produce, fish from Costarella Seafoods and bread from Full Circle Bakery.

Spud (Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery)
Spud sells a wide range of organic groceries, with the option to shop for items produced within a 100-mile radius of San Francisco.

The Comprehensive Guide to CSAs for fruits and vegetables is here.

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