Are Schweddy Balls Delicious, or Just Irritating to Gay-Bashers?

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​I was a little surprised this morning when Erin Sherbert, the editor of SF Weekly's news blog the Snitch, messaged me at home asking for reasons why I might want to eat Schweddy Balls.

I mean, there are soooo many reasons I wouldn't want to, even though it is a new flavor of Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

But Erin the news editor had news: the gay-hating American Family Association is calling for a boycott. OK, that's reason No. 1 to try these balls.

I'll let you hop over to The Snitch to see what else we came up with. But before you go, if you want to know where the concept came from -- the concept that the AFA says "has turned something as innocent as ice cream into something repulsive" -- please enjoy the original Saturday Night Live sketch.

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I agree; totally stupid skit from a show that hasn't been funny in 30 years


I'm gay-friendly, liberal and generally foul-mouthed, but I always thought that SNL sketch was gross. I know it's popular and I'm in the minority, but I seriously cringed when they made it a flavor. The joke is that it sounds like "sweaty balls," right? Why would that be appealing for ice cream? It's just juvenile and gross.

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