You Don't Have to Be Skinny to Be Healthy? Listen Up, Foodies

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Perhaps you can have your cake, eat it, and, um, have some more: CNN reports on two newly published studies that argue obesity is not automatically a prescription for death.

The studies looked at the mortality rates for people with a high enough body mass index (BMI) to be considered obese. They divided up that group by chronic health conditions, which ranged from mild hypertension to heart failure, and then looked at mortality rates for each of the subgroups. The healthiest overweight people -- as much as 20 percent -- lived just as long as their skinnier counterparts.

Dear science: Thank you. SFoodie is now going off to the gym before engaging in another 4,000, six-course day.

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I love that Arnold schwarzenegger is considered obese according to the BMI scale. This study is a load of.... mmmmhhhmmm.

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