Where in the World Is Anthony Bourdain? Swan Oyster Depot!

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Anthony Bourdain -- he's here.
​Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain of No Reservations fame is visiting San Francisco, according to his Twitter feed. And where does a famous chef choose to eat his lunch?

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Secret TV star seafood stew?
​Bourdain just posted this photo on Twitter, and SF Weekly's resident food experts have determined it was probably taken at the Swan Oyster Depot. Looks like he's having some seafood stew -- maybe it's the off-the-menu TV-superstar special we heard about last month.

But that's not all he's been up to.

If his Twitter feed is to be trusted, Bourdain has been in S.F. since Monday at least. Yesterday, he sampled Chaac-Mool's stand in Dolores Park, which he described as "terrific, freshly made Mexican food," followed by "festive beverages" at Toronado.

Last night, he went barhopping in North Beach and Chinatown, with the obligatory late-night munchies stop:

Li Po, the Comstock, Mr. Bing's , then Sam's Burgers. Woke up with brain ache, covered in mustard.Wed Aug 10 15:39:22 via Twitter for iPhone

Stay tuned -- we might just Twitter-stalk him all day.

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Emad El Shawa
Emad El Shawa

Where in the world is Anthony Bourdian?? Well, I can tell you for sure that he was at my dad's place, Sam's Burgers in the North Beach on Tuesday. In his own words, "Best motha-fuckin' burger I ever had!!"


Oh man. You guys really screwed the pooch. Bourdain came to the Rice Paper Scissors event tonight. Too bad you guys black balled RPS on their event. Looks like you missed out on the action. :P

W Blake Gray
W Blake Gray

If by "black balled" you mean "refused to allow someone to tell us exactly what we can and can't write," then we'll make that choice every time, and you can tell the RPS people we said so. We guess you won't have to say it very loud.


If I knew them personally I would. I just noticed no mention of their event was made. As a fan of RPS, I hope you don't decide to punish them for this. It seems that they had no choice but to withhold certain information on this one. 

W Blake Gray
W Blake Gray

I cannot count the number of events that happen each day which we do not mention. Both of your messages belie your lack of knowledge of the communication I had with RPS, which I am willing to publish in its entirety.  So I'll just end this farce: Valerie, if you have something to say to me, you have my email address.


Please remind him that he cannot live a normal life.

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