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​One of our favorite courtesies performed by Chronicle restaurant critic Michael Bauer is that he listens to entitled suburbanites whine about service.

This morning featured a great installment in this ongoing series: A reader writes Bauer to complain that a Flour + Water server had the temerity to deliver a check while her husband was eating dessert. Oh, the humanity! The server apparently rubbed salt into the wound by asking, "Did you enjoy yourselves?"

Bauer does due diligence by calling Flour + Water partner David White and asking for an explanation of this gaffe. While reading the rest of the post and the comments, we couldn't help thinking of the mass of people milling outside the restaurant, which usually doesn't have tables available for reservations before 10 p.m., staring in at some suburban couple smiling at each other over empty dessert plates.

Our audience is different from the Chronicle's, so we got to wondering about today's issue: Do you care when the check arrives? The poll closes tomorrow: Vote and talk about it below in the comments.

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Servers read the table and drop the check when you believe they are finished. Ask nicely if you are unsure if they want something else.

Guests take a chill pill. If you want something else after the check has been dropped, order it. What a novel concept.


It's a reasonable debate, but why label the people you disagree with "suburbanites"?   Or does that mean people who don't live in the Mission?   Your bias is showing, and it's not attractive.

W Blake Gray
W Blake Gray

Philatty: It's a very fair comment on this particular post, which I might have rewritten along those lines had I considered it.

What I was getting at is that this is a regular theme on Michael Bauer's blog. I've been reading MB's blog a long time -- love it -- and when people bitch about restaurant service, if they mention where they live, it's usually not in San Francisco. Just an observation: They often seem to live on the Peninsula.

But I do regret biasing this poll with the way I wrote it. Too late to change that now. Fortunately nothing particularly serious hangs on the outcome. I mean, it's not like you have to decide between dim sum and grilled cheese ...



Thanks.   And then the big question is how would suburbanites vote in the important dim sum vs. grilled cheese poll?  


Or rather, wait for me to ASK for the check. In many European countries, this is the custom. There's nothing worse than having a good conversation and seeing the check appear on the table. 

From the point when the check is dropped, there's an awkward lets-get-out-of-here vibe. 

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