We Ordered "Crude Drugs Chicken Feet"

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crude drugs 550.jpg
W. Blake Gray
​We saw this menu and of course we had to order No. 46. We think drugs are simply too refined these days. Who needs heroin, for example, when you can have opium?

So how was the dish? We had an extreme reaction. We'll tell all in the next installment of our ongoing series of reviewing dim sum restaurants.

We noticed that nobody in the Bay Area was reviewing dim sum restaurants on a consistent basis. Guidebooks all plug Yank Sing; many also note Ton Kiang. But how about those tiny places on Clement Street or in Chinatown where people mill outside waiting on Sunday afternoons? Dim sum is an integral part of this city's food culture, but getting the straight dope on restaurants after the top names has been impossible, until now.

We promise, we'll tell you all about Crude Drugs Chicken Feet, as soon as we recover. In the meantime check out these dim sum restaurants we've already reviewed:

Lee Hou

South Sea Seafood Village

House of Banquet

Happy Garden

Yet Wah

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Great suggestions for dim sum restaurants


No pic of crude drugs chicken feet? at least give a description of it.


Make sure to review S&T. It rocks.

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