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​We want to shower local people in praise, cocktails, and confetti -- and we promise to choose nonsticky cocktails when we hand out the SF Weekly Web Awards.

The goal is to recognize some of the folks who make our local online scene so delicious. Food is just a small part of the awards, but we have five categories:

Best Food Blogger
Best Food Vendor Twitterer
Best Local Source for Food Porn
Best Restaurant Website
Best Yelper

We've lined up an interesting panel of local celebrities to be the judges, but they need someone to pass judgment on.

Here's how you nominate.

Head to our Web Awards Page, where you'll see a bunch of empty boxes. Simply type the names of your nominees into the boxes.

Behind the scenes, a trained staff of microsurgeons will extract the names, spellcheck them, dust and polish the letters, and carefully add them to the file of other nominees. You may enter more than one name in each category, because those little guys are just that fast.

We need your nominations by Sunday, Aug. 21. On Monday, Aug. 22, we'll post an online poll where everyone can vote for your favorites. Please avoid ballot-box stuffing; the miniature people back there have been grumbling about joining Local 178.5 of the Elves, Pixies, and Barbacks' Union, and that would send our personnel costs soaring. Right now they work for pie, but that's another story.

So go nominate, and try not to think of the little men and women in your computer.

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