San Francisco's Top Five Hot Dogs

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John Birdsall
Da Beef's Chicago-style hot dog.
Like Shakespeare plays, biblical parables, and that damn Pachelbel's Canon, the hot dog is the theme on which a million variations are played. The frankfurter has been upscaled and deep-fried, pressed into lettuce as well as Acme rolls. SFoodie has eaten dogs in San Francisco covered in blue cheese, seaweed and furikake, kimchi, and Thai curry (the latter: vomitous). Here are our favorites.

5. Classic Chicago dog. Da Beef, 300 Seventh St. (at Folsom),

Is the Chicago-style hot dog a sandwich or a salad? The very proper Chicago-style frank Yvonne Long and Natalie McMahon serve from their silvery street cart comes with more produce than most Midwesterners eat for dinner: onions, fresh tomatoes, a pickled cucumber, sport peppers, and the official "neon green" relish.

Jonathan Kauffman
What's Up Dog's basic hot dog.
4. The basic. What's Up Dog, many locations,

Because sometimes you just want a hot dog with no organic certification, commitment to sustainability, or hoo-haw. What's Up Dog serves franks like mom used to make. Only they're not boiled and served with Kraft Mac 'n' Cheese on the side.

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