Poll Shows SFoodie Readers Want the Check Only After Dessert

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​Earlier this week we asked our readers when they want the check in a restaurant. Are you insulted if it arrives before you're finished eating? Should the server wait until you ask for it, in the classical style? Or drop it anytime?

It turns out that SFoodie readers, by a large majority, want the check quietly placed on the table after dessert.

Almost 59 percent chose that option, giving it a landslide victory over the next-closest, "Who cares? Drop the check anytime." Fewer than 30 percent of SFoodie readers are so blithe.

On the other hand, our readers are less formal than Michael Bauer's, as just over 10 percent are insulted if the check arrives before they ask for it.

There's a message in this for restaurants. Our readers are younger than the Chronicle's, but a majority of them -- more than 70 percent -- still don't want the check dropped off at the restaurant's convenience.

The readers have spoken; the wise restaurateur will listen.

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