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​So as we posted yesterday, No Reservations star Anthony Bourdain is in town, tasting some local fare, barhopping, and tweeting about it for our enjoyment.

Yesterday, after finishing up a photo shoot, his No Reservations director of photography, Zach Zamboni, had the huge, delicious-looking sandwich in the photo, but we can't figure out where it's from! Anyone have any ideas? (You can examine a bigger photo here.)

After the tasty sandwich, Bourdain and crew hit up the Tonga Room for drinks, eventually taking an adventurous (and apparently quite chilly) plunge in the restaurant's decorative pool. Make us feel less like stalkers by watching the video, too.

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Tonga Room

950 Mason, San Francisco, CA

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Missy B
Missy B

Yeah, That looks like the Tonga Room menu, too.. TB's San Francisco food choices are so dependably shit that it honestly makes me second guess every restaurant he ends up in in his shows..


typo on his name!

W Blake Gray
W Blake Gray

Oops. Thanks. Although we could claim that we were just trying to fuse him with Bourbon at a molecular level, something <del>Bourbain</del> Bourdain himself might agree to undergo in a future season.


Looks like a terrible room service club sandwich to me.


That is probably still Tonga Room.  Notice the tropical drink pics on the menu.  Later that night, he appeared at the Rice Paper Scissors pop-up. Then went to Shotwell's and Bender's following that.

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