Kyo-ya Makes Its Sushi Affordable for Takeout Lunch

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The 20 for $20 box: can you count 20?
​When we have somebody else's credit card, we enjoy dining at Kyo-ya. The sushi and sashimi are generally fresh and delicious, but the price is set for the business-expense crowd, and that's more than we want to spend for lunch.

But obviously somebody has been paying for it, because the restaurant in the Palace Hotel is celebrating its 20th anniversary in August with a takeout-only lunch special -- all month long -- that brings its offerings to a price that at least doesn't make us wince.

For $20, you get 20 pieces. It's not exactly 20 pieces of sushi, as the press release claims. We asked for a photo of a representative box and Kyo-ya sent us the one above. We counted six pieces of nigiri sushi, six pieces of sashimi, four pieces of futomaki, and two pieces of sweet egg omelet -- that's 18. The other two are apparently a couple slices of lotus root (1) and some seaweed salad (2).

Yeah, that's cheating, and we wouldn't post about it at all, except we really like Kyo-ya's sushi. On a nice day you could take the box over to nearby Yerba Buena Gardens and contemplate the vague nature of numbers. Bring your own sake.

Call ahead to order: 415-546-5089.

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Palace Hotel, 2 New Montgomery, San Francisco, CA

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That looks like 22 pieces, not 18. 


...sorry, I meant 8 pieces.

W Blake Gray
W Blake Gray

You might be right; it's hard to tell from the photo. But if they're counting 8 pieces of small maki towards the 20, that might be even worse, although maybe there's toro or something inside. I feel better about counting the tamago toward the 20.


That roll looks like it might be 6 pieces, not 4?

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