Krave Takes Beef Jerky Upscale

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​Eventually everything goes upscale. Orange juice went from concentrate to "pure premium" to "just pkt" [sic] and finally to true fresh-squeezed in stores. The most recent food to jump on the upgrade bandwagon? Beef jerky. And pork and turkey jerky(s), too.

Krave Jerky comes in eight flavors including basil-citrus turkey and my favorite, sweet chipotle beef. It took me five hours last weekend to make pulled pork, but I can get most of the same flavor satisfaction from Krave's sweet chipotle. The smoky grilled teriyaki reminds me of Korean short ribs, and garlic chili pepper leaves a nice slow burn.

​My only complaint is the inconsistency of texture. I don't want jerky to make me feel like I'm wrestling year-old fruit leather, but I do like a firm bite. The Kraves I sampled varied within their packs from just-right firmness to sections a bit too soft to make the "jerky" classification stick.

Krave is the brainchild of winemaker and athlete Jonathan Sebastiani in partnership with Jens Hoj, who previously managed El Dorado Kitchen in Sonoma. The product is marketed as a fit snack for athletes -- it's high-protein, low-salt, and low-calorie. For athletes who need consistent protein and the energy it comes with, Krave offers a Jerky of the Month Club at $30 for five bags including shipping.

It's better than a Power Bar or "goo," at least for flavor.

You can find Krave for $7 suggested retail at Mollie Stone's, Cost Plus World Market, Andronico's, Marina Market, Cal-Mart, Lucky's, Arguello Market, and Beverages and More.

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Rob Rynski
Rob Rynski

And, before you plop down $7, you might also consider some of the great flavored jerkies (hot fruit, five spice, etc.) you can find at New May Wah (and other Asian grocery stores on Clement).  Less expensive.  Addictive.  

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