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​Most startups have an "elevator pitch," a short one-liner or phrase that explains what they do. I can think of several for Foodspotting: Yelp 2.0, Instagram for meals, FourSquare for food, or a foodie social network.

Foodspotting is a free smartphone app that lets you take a picture of your food, post it, and let the world see what you liked and where. If you're more a lurker than a contributor (and most people are), you benefit from those of us who chronicle our culinary journeys or everyday meals to find out what's good to eat nearby. If you didn't know you were near Tartine, or how good its morning buns are, it's likely the app would show you. Images of food near you are displayed by what's nearest, latest, or best, your choice.

On a trip to the Hamptons I found a lobster roll in the middle of nowhere that made a boring drive into a great lunch.

The site is all about user-generated-content, but you can benefit from expert guides as well. Mario Batali has posted his favorite foods in San Francisco, New York, Seattle, and Italy. Other food celebs and content providers have built guides, and so can you. If you think you're an expert in a category, create a guide for others to learn from.

I posted guides for the Bay Area's top chocolates and cheeses. I left both guides open for people to contribute to, or to vote on your favorites. If you tip me off about something I write about, I'll give you a shout-out.

Foodspotting is based in San Francisco and maintains an office in New York City. You can see the coastal camaraderie in the constant battle for foodie supremacy on the home page, where the most recommended (those with the most "Noms" in FS terms) foods are listed. Right now NYC is in the lead with its Shake Shack Burger, and S.F. is in second place with Bi-Rite's salted caramel ice cream. New York holds third place and we hold fourth, so it's a pretty close battle.

The app is closing in on a million downloads, so if you have a smartphone and you're not Foodspotting yet, get it, follow me, post some food, and have some fun. Let's show New York City who rules the foodie-tech roost.

Follow Ben on Foodspotting to see what and where he eats, and help him find foodie favorites to cover.
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Amy Cao

NEVER! haha just kidding. - Amy, Foodspotting (NYC)

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