Fat Cures: Ditch the Antidepressants and Pick Up a Pint of Ice Cream

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This is the equivalent of two tabs of E.
Belgian researchers have demonstrated once and for all that fat makes you feel better, according to USA Today. The researchers have showed that the pleasure of eating fatty foods is inconsequential -- it's just the fat that matters -- by piping a saline solution or one loaded with fatty acids into their subjects' stomachs through feeding tubes.

While the subjects sat there, tubes lodged in their gullets, they watched images of frowns and listened to sad music, which in Belgium probably meant Jacques Brel singing "Ne me quitte pas."

Here's the crux of the study: The subjects were then asked to evaluate their happiness rating on a scale of 1 to 10 -- and the people unknowingly fed the fatty solution registered 1 point less of a dip than the control group.

Eureka! So if we control for the fact that no one in his right mind sticks a feeding tube down his throat while listening to sad music and chronicling his mood on a numerical scale, this experiment proves that you need to treat your breakup with barbecue.

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This advisers showed that the amusement of bistro blubbery foods is inconsequential. It is just the fat that matters by brim a acrid solution  or one loaded with fatty acids into their capacity stomachs through agriculture tubes.

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