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papaya salad 550.jpg
Lers Ros' Green papaya salad
​We've already called Saturday's Street Food Festival the city's most important food event of the year. Here's a quick look at some of the dishes we can't wait to sample.

The festival format is that all 76 vendors are supposed to sell a small bite, a bigger bite and a beverage. The simple menus -- and the fact that all take cash only -- are intended to speed up the lines.

Some of these items we've had; others we just can't wait to try. Come hungry!

curry bun550.jpg
Azalina Eusope
Penang curry bomb bun
Small bites

Anda Piroshki
Piroshki ($3). Stuffed with beef, onion, potato and cheese, this savory treat was one of our favorite items from last month's media preview.

Azelina's Malaysian
Penang Curry Bomb Bun ($3). We liked this so much we took a video.

El Hurarache
Taco de Alambre ($3). Our favorite breakfast at the Alemany Farmer's Market is the Huarache de Alambre, which is Mexico City-style with both beef and pork.

Lers Ros
Papaya Salad ($3). One of our favorite Thai restaurants serves up something refreshing. We'll need this between courses.

Bigger Bites

4505 Meats
Cheeseburger ($8). We know, it doesn't sound exciting. Trust us; we were there last year and our food-writer friends kept coming over and saying, "Have you tried that cheeseburger?" It's good at the Ferry Plaza farmers' market and we expect it to be good again Saturday.

Grilled lamb cheek ($8). Why are cheeks always so tasty: beef, halibut, you name it? Is that why our aunts are always squeezing ours when we're little? Are they just testing the meat?

La Mar Cebicheria
Cebiche clasico ($8). We love ceviche, and that's what this international chain specializes in. Bring it on.


Hapa S.F.
Stonefruit calamansi soda ($3). We love calamansi; Filipinos make great drinks out of it, but we haven't had it with stonefruit. Until Saturday, anyway.

Kung Fu Tacos
Ginger lychee limeaid ($3): You had us at "lychee."

The whole list of dishes is here. The festival runs 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Saturday in the Mission; a map and other info is here. We'll see you in line.

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Obviously, Bourdain isn't up on the latest. Food carts/trucks are already out. Candied bacon is so yesterday. He should have tried carmelized peacock feathers at Freddie Sol's, compote of fresh turnip greens and avocado oil at Linkages, percolated coffee at Donovan's Shack, Thai roasted quail eggs at Minyumgap and scented beeswax custard with sprigs of oleander pistils at Dessert Sands.


great food to share with family and friends, we can't wait


The sodas at the Hapa Ramen tent are going to be provided by SodaCraft ( The stonefruit calamansi soda is reeeeeeeeeally good.

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