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​We love voting! Not that it does us much good politically, but San Francisco has some of the highest turnout in the nation -- 61 percent last November, 81 percent the last time we picked a president. When it's important, we love voting even more.

So for the crucial decision of which four food vendors win La Cocina's contest for free space at its third annual Street Food Festival on Aug. 20, we know you'll follow in the grand electoral tradition by voting early and often.

The rewards for food vendors are pretty nice, especially if they're just starting out.

In addition to shared space at the festival, they'll win free commercial kitchen space -- vital for making the next step forward -- as well as small business assistance from Wells Fargo Advisers, whatever that means. ("Perhaps replace your arugula flavor with chocolate.")

Some familiar names are on the list of contenders, like Chairman Bao, Little Green Cyclo, Senor Sisig. But there are some vendors on the list of 33 contestants we hadn't heard of; if they win, we'll get to try their food. And the list could get longer, because some candidates (like Sarah Palin) might not enter the fray immediately.

Uh-oh, we just compared late-entering food trucks to Sarah Palin. Bring on the Moosemobile!

Here's the page where you can vote for your favorite vendor.

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Frozen Kuhsterd
Frozen Kuhsterd

 We need your vote to get us (@frozenkuhsterd) into the San Francisco Street Food Festival. Please follow the link, find our logo and vote! You must be logged in with facebook to place your vote. There's tough competition and everyone counts. Spread the word by sharing this link!​m/vote_for_your_vendor.php


Hopefully San Franciscans will turn out with the same numbers (or better!) for this worthy cause. See perspectives from two of the lesser known contestants here:

Frozen Kuhsterd
Frozen Kuhsterd

Liz, come check us out at the New Taste Market this coming Sat!  Love to see what you think of our Frozen Custard!

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