Top Ten Videogame Cakes

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It seems like America has gotten a little obsessed with cake lately. Just look at your cable listings (Cake Boss, Ace of Cakes, and Cupcake Wars) or your Internet bookmarks (Cake Wrecks). To liven up the party, you don't just need a cake. You now need a life-size fondant-covered replica of Grandma's head at her 90th birthday party. Thankfully, dessert artistry has also produced some amazing cakes to behold. As such, we're counting down the top 10 videogame cakes. Now you can play Wii Fit and eat it at the same time!

10. Pac-Man

Fairy Dust Bakery/Flickr

Pac-Man loves to eat. His whole body is basically a stomach with eyes (dude doesn't even swallow). And why should he have all the fun? You can't tell us that after playing through a level, you haven't had a hankering for some delicious dots. Here's your chance to get in on the action.

9. Guitar Hero

Clever Cupcakes/Flickr

Oh man, you know how when you've been clackin' away on your axe for hours and staring without blinking at notes coming down the frets toward you, your vision keeps moving even when you look away from the screen? This cupcake is doing that to us now, too. We're just gonna go lie down for a while. Too much rocking.

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Nice cakes, but none of them would really qualify as being that good looking. The Xbox 360 one looks like crap...


Agreed.  If I can post a pic here, I'd like to share the Angry Birds cake my nephew had.  I bet it would blow all these away.

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