Sweet Potato Lattes Soothe Japantown

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Photos by Albert Law
Cristy Hwang uses sweet potato puree to make the latte
​A classic Korean breakfast meal-in-a-cup has made its way to San Francisco: the sweet potato latte.

The drink as served at YakiniQ Cafe in Japantown is lightly sweetened, nourishing, and comforting like hot cocoa.

YakiniQCafe interior550.jpg
YakiniQ Cafe interior
​The recipe is about 1/3 sweet potato puree to 2/3 milk. It's frothed until foamy and served when the foam has a chance to settle into a beautiful pattern that reminded us of the Crab Nebula.

Christy Hwang, owner of YakiniQ Cafe, says she's happy that her childhood comfort drink is now soothing tummies and warming the hearts of her patrons.

YakiniQCafe_0the drink400.jpg
​Located a crosswalk away from Japantown's Peace Plaza, YakiniQ Cafe has steadily grown to become a favorite neighborhood spot. The interior is sprinkled with mismatched European-styled furnishings and local artwork and artifacts, creating a cozy backdrop for lounging with friends or working toward that next deadline.

In addition to the sweet potato latte, YakiniQ serves up regular cafe-type hot drinks (i.e., coffee) as well as both Asian-inspired and locally sourced snacks and sweets.

While the sweet potato latte is traditionally espresso-free, a caffeinated option is available upon request.

YakiniQ Cafe
1640 Post St.

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1640 Post, San Francisco, CA

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