Whiskey Pops: Dessert That Hits You Like Sean Connery

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Ben Narasin
​When I make sorbet at home I add a single ounce of alcohol to brighten the flavor, a trick I learned years ago that works exceptionally well. If you'd rather have alcohol as the focus instead of the enhancer, you might be attracted to the St. George Spirits Single Malt Whiskey gelato pops from Bar Gelato by Naia.

The flavor of the whiskey is light enough to tell you it's there, but not meaningful enough to make you forget you're eating a frozen dessert treat. I'd give it to my kids if I knew it was legal to do so.

The frozen paddle leads with the milky richness of the gelato base first, but the flavor of the whiskey comes in right behind. It's like a more sophisticated rum raisin ice cream, except there are no raisins, the rum is actually Scotchlike whiskey, and it's gelato. You get the idea?

There are caramel, vanilla, and butterscotch notes, but with a touch of authority. If you're looking for a huge hit of whiskey you won't find it here. This isn't an Arnold Schwarzenegger tough guy pop, more Sean Connery. Sophisticated, leaning English, and still able to kick the #%* out of all the other pops on the block.

You can find them, and Bar Gelato's other flavors (try the Blue Bottle and the Numi Jasmine) at Whole Foods Bay Area locations for $1.99.

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Oh, yes, please! YUM


FYI, checked with Whole Foods, the bar actually only has a trace amount of alcohol, is well below the legal limit of alcohol content deemed safe for consumption and requires no ID to purchase or minimum age to purchase.  Also, to your relief (or dissapointment?), you can't get drunk on the gelato bar, believe me I've tried! 


Nit-picking here, lest folks get the wrong impression:St. George's Single Malt Whiskey is not Scotch - it's distilled in Alameda!  But it's distilled and aged in similar fashion to Scotch whisky (without the "e").  The distinction is only a matter of where the stuff is made.  They are both types of whiskey/whisky.

Thanks for the tip, by the way - I'm glad to know where to get these.  St. George makes some awesome stuff!!  I'd love to try the Gelato Pop.

W Blake Gray
W Blake Gray

You're right, we should have known better. We DID know better, but we were drinking too much fine Scotch, or at least acting like we did. Fixed it.

Mike Schaefer
Mike Schaefer

There's a wonderful gelato place in NYC called Cones that makes Johnny Walker Black sorbet. Mmmmm.

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