Rock Is Dead: Slim's Does Pop-Up Dinners

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Food is to us what rock 'n roll was to baby boomers. Can there be better evidence than this? Slim's, the music club, will host pop-up dinners on Monday nights starting next week.


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Slim's has had a challenging year. Its liquor license was suspended for 10 days in March because of repeated complaints by a neighbor about noise. During that time the club had a vision of a boozeless future, and it wasn't pretty. The club booked bands from middle schools and high schools. "We were really, really hurt by [the closure]," part-owner Dawn Holliday tells SF Weekly. "Middle-school kids don't exactly eat enough french fries to make up for real shows."

Fries are not on the menu on Monday, Aug. 1. The Jetset Chef will be rocking braised lamb cheeks ($10), scallop crudo with artichoke ($10), honey glazed pork short ribs ($10), nectarine and artichoke salad ($6), and fritto misto of baby vegetables ($6).

The next two Mondays will feature Cathead's BBQ (Aug. 8) and Radio Africa Kitchen (Aug. 15).

The good news is that Slim's is pouring booze again. Now that it's doing fine dining, we'll have to drop by to look at the wine list. Is that on an iPad yet? In the meantime, you should be able to get beer and mixed drinks.

The Monday food might come as a shock to regular diners at Slim's, who go there for boomer-era fare like mozzarella sticks ($6), cheese-filled jalapeno poppers ($6), and cheddar and bacon potato skins ($8).

We look forward to the day when Slim's two interests are combined: when we can go see the Kottonmouth Kings and stave off our munchies with a grilled peach salad with goat cheese and arugula. Until then, we'll eat before the show, unless it's Monday, in which case the eats are the show.

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Wish Slims was in a better neighborhood, like mine.

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