Oh, Those Sassy Junk Food Pairings

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The challenge of pairing with Hostess Snoballs: Spatlese riesling or junmai sake?
Earlier this week, Food & Wine magazine's Ray Isle put up a blog post making wine pairing recommendations for junk food. Now, Champagne with potato chips SFoodie has heard of, but we've never been asked, nor would we really care to test out, which Italian whites go best with Spaghetti-Os. Is Isle doing the world a favor by suggesting Vermentino? Seems to us that Two-Buck Chuck is a better pairing, spiritually speaking. The TJ's Chardonnay someone brought over to our house this weekend has a little sweetness to it, too.

Of course, slumming pairing wine with Slim Jims is nothing compared to the food pairing suggestions passed along by the Wall Street Journal a few weeks ago: junk food with other junk food. Yes, we're talking Cool Ranch Doritos with pineapple pie and truffles made of mushed-up Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Fruit Roll-Ups. Do we want to try the latter? Depends on whether which wins out: curiosity or shame. We still haven't made up our mind.

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