Mama Cass Runs a Food Truck! "All the Buns Are Brown ..."

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​In a city glutted with food trucks, it can be hard to carve out a niche. That's why "Mama" Cass Thatcher is staking her claim for sliders with Vietnamese flair.

meatball slider.jpg
​Using a targeted menu of three sliders, including sweet and savory pork meatballs and shaking steak with caramelized onions, Thatcher says she is combining her knowledge of Vietnamese cuisine with her husband's penchant for easy-to-grab handheld fare.

The idea for the Mama Cass truck was hatched this winter, and since then Thatcher has been refining the menu, outfitting her truck, and jumping through all the permitting hoops. All she's waiting on now is her health inspection, and she hopes to be up and running by mid-August. For now, she plans to park at 401 Mission Bay, drawing working crowds from UCSF, the Gap, and nearby biotech firms.

The Mission Bay location is just the start, though. We'll give you three guesses where Thatcher would eventually like to set up shop. One hint: It rhymes with Scoff the Lid. Follow Mama Cass on Twitter for updates on her opening day.

(If you're looking for the original Mama Cass, here's an all-music, no-slider version.)

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Hi Mama Cass,

Mmm-good! I was your first customer on Thursday in Hayes Valley. The chicken sliders were very yummy. I tried to wait and eat them till my regular time, but I just couldn't wait. They disappeared quickly even though I had practically just eaten breakfast. If there's anyway you can stay a little later than 2, I will be a regular customer on my break. People on retail schedules (there's lots of us here in Hayes Valley) often eat a little later than the rest of the masses. I hope to see you again soon.

Melissabibliohead bookstore

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