New Limited-Edition Confection from Recchiuti Deserves to Stick Around

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​Ferry Building confectioner Recchiuti offers a new special called peanut honey batons ($14 for 10 pieces), a candy that's so much more than the name allows. The "peanut" part is toasted peanuts, the "honey" is a fleur de sel caramel made with honey, a light and lovely diversion from Recchiuti's Caramels to the Third Power collection (which made SFoodie's 92 list this year), and the "batons" are covered in a custom blend of undeservedly unmentioned dark chocolate.

Michael Recchiuti, who is working on opening a new cafe in Dogpatch, tells SFoodie these are in limited production for the month only, but he will consider adding the batons to the permanent lineup if the response is good. We were disheartened to hear in the store that these might go away soon, like we were about to lose our brand-new best friend, and even more so for the man himself to confirm it. Now, far be it for us to use our voice at SFoodie to beg you, dear readers, to help save the batons from permanent extinction, but we do know that one woman can't do it alone.

Recchiuti One Ferry Building (at Embarcadero), 834-9494

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Recchiuti Confections

1 Ferry Building, San Francisco, CA

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See's Candies, Peanut Brittle Bar for under $2.


@LC11 Those are also great, but not the same type of confection

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