Late-Night Chicken-Waffle Sandwich Pops Up in Mission

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Soul Groove
​It's a weekend night, and you've been drinking in the Mission for hours. Despite this, you feel an unusual sensation of emptiness. Is it your career? Did you forget to have children?

NO! You're just hungry. Whew.

You could have a burrito, the official late-night food of the Mission, but you want something less healthy.

The Soul Groove Chicken and Waffle Sandwich Pop-Up shop is for you.

The sandwich: boneless, bacon-wrapped chicken that is buttermilk-fried and served on maple waffles with a spicy maple barbecue sauce.

The location: The Corner restaurant on 18th at Mission.

The hours: 11 p.m.-3 a.m., Thursday to Saturday

The creators: Jason Fordley and Vincent Sacco, who just returned to San Francisco from New York, where they worked in marketing and bartending respectively.

The calories and nutritional content: You probably don't want to know. I know we don't.

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The Corner

2199 Mission, San Francisco, CA

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This sandwich is seriously insane.. wasted, sober or in between.

Adam Hall
Adam Hall

You must try this if you're out and about in the Mission.

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