It's All About Films and TV: Movies and Beer, Tartine's Video, and the BBC

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The past 24 hours in gossip, innuendo, and cold hard facts about the San Francisco food scene.

What's better than popcorn and a movie? When there's also beer! Mission Mission shares the latest movie theater to follow the trend of serving alcohol alongside all the latest flicks is the Roxie Theater (3117 16th St. at Valencia), bringing the city's count of boozy theaters to two (the other is the SundanceKabuki). Maybe the recently shuttered Red Vic should have tried this?

This next piece seems like it would be better paired with a glass of wine rather than beer: Inside Scoop shares, via The Perennial Plate, the behind-the-scenes video of Samin Nosrat's monthly Tartine after-hours dinner. The Perennial Plate's "Episode 63: Three Farms, One Dinner" packs the menu and dinner creation process into a less than 10-minute short while also managing to squeeze in a clip of a unicycling farmer at 3:42.

Staying with visuals, Inside Scoop also shares a "virtual tour" of what the remodeled Metreon exterior will look like after completion in 2012. Mind you, the visuals are very a la Sim City 1998, but we managed to see the "Dining Terrace" entrance (at 1:50), which will include La Boulange, Best-o-Burger, Chipotle, Mixt Greens, and Brandy Ho's.

And if all goes according to plan and the BBC America pilot is picked up, there will be yet another local food TV star: Inside Scoop reports via the Buzz Focus that chef Dominique Crenn is slated to appear on Gordon Ramsay's No Kitchen Required, where chefs are dropped into remote areas to cook a meal for the locals.

Bernalwood shares that the Palace Steak House that closed in 2009 has been cleaned up and will reopen as none other than the Palace Family Steak House (3047 Mission at Capp). And while there's no video, the blog does share the restaurant's theme-song track, which at almost 3 minutes drives home the point that the songwriter can rhyme and likes meat.

Since there's so much to see in today's post, what the heck, here's one more: Inside Scoop shares, via Boing Boing, a "dancing squid" video, where the legs move about atop a bowl sitting on a restaurant table. We're guessing the squid isn't dancing for joy.

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