Seven Hot Looks for Restaurant Critics

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Gael Greene. Hot.
Earlier this week, Eater ran (or is it reran? I've seen this post before) a post listing hot looks for hot chefs. Faced with a magazine shoot? Hold a knife! Or a pig's head! SFoodie knows all too well that restaurant critics could use some tough love from Tyra Banks on our publicity shots. Ergo: seven hot looks for restaurant critics:

Look 1: The hat. Gael Greene has been rocking oversized hats for four decades now, and it has gotten her in bed with Elvis. The hat says: You can't see my piercing and highly recognizable eyes, but from my nose down, I'm hot. Right? Right.

Craig Claiborne.
2. The apron. If you're going to be a recognizable public figure, as the New York Times' Craig Claiborne surely was, at least try to look intellectual, with schoolmarm glasses pushed to half-mast. The apron is practical when you're rushing from crab feasts on the docks to vol-au-vents at Lutèce. Bonus: a tie. So Mad Men.

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