GoGo Squeez: Fruit in a Pouch

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W. Blake Gray
​We were biking on the Great Highway recently during Sunday Streets when we spied this booth offering free samples of something called a GoGo Squeez.

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The Go-Go's
​As you can see, the booth seems to offer multiple flavors. "Do you have Belinda Carlisle flavor?" we asked. Nobody got it, so naturally we're posting it here for more people to either not get it, or to get it and be creeped out by it, because Belinda Carlisle is now 52 years old, not that age makes any difference, and why did we decide to post this anyway?

Oh yeah, the GoGo Squeez. The booth's sign was a fib: Only "apple apple" flavor was available. We took one and left and more or less forgot about it.

Until yesterday afternoon. The GoGo Squeez was sitting on our desk and we were a little peckish. So we unscrewed the plastic cap and started sucking.

go-go squeez.jpg
​You know, we like the GoGo Squeez. It has only two ingredients listed: apple and apple juice concentrate. And that's exactly what it tastes like. It's a quick 90-gram, 60-calorie blast of applesauce, with no added sugar. It's perfect for the way we used it, and its light, strong container makes it a great snack for long bike rides. And while it's not local -- it's actually made in France, so those are French apples -- it is available at Whole Foods.

We're glad we got apple apple flavor after all. Now if only they can do Beyoncé Squeez.

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