Food Trucks Roll Into New Permanent Truck Stop Near Transbay Terminal

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Luis Chong
​As you read this, three food trucks are already dishing out the first curry and cupcakes at a new location that appears to be about as permanent as food truck spots get.

The spot, named Truck Stop, is an alley off Mission between First and Fremont streets. It's open to the trucks because the building owner at 450 Mission also owns the alley, and wanted the food trucks there.

Three trucks are scheduled to park there every weekday between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Today, the inaugural trucks are Curry Up Now, Brass Knuckle, and Kara's Cupcakes.

The Truck Stop site lists a regular schedule for each weekday.

"We went to all the events, Off the Grid and everywhere," says Jacqueline Murray, the KQED national marketing director who curated the trucks for the spot. "We picked our favorite trucks and started from there. The fact that it's a private space made it easy for them. Also, it's in SOMA's Financial District, so it's high-density."

Murray says the city permit process was smooth because the trucks will be on private property. "We were really motivated to get food trucks as soon as possible," she says.

Two "main-course" trucks and a dessert truck are scheduled to arrive each day. When the Transbay Terminal opens, that should provide a steady flow of customers. But for now, "we just really want to eat there," Murray says.

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KQED is in the food truck business too?!

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