"Famous Food" on VH1: Guilty Pleasure

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​As we watched a real New Jersey housewife fight with a fictional New Jersey Big Pussy, we realized celebreality has officially taken over food TV.

VH1's Famous Food is the latest food show to pop up on a previously nonfood channel, a trend the Los Angeles Times wrote about recently.

The concept of Famous Food is that seven "stars," some of whom aren't shining so brightly these days, will create a new restaurant from concept to operations, with one winner.

The contestants are as varied as they are vapid. Our favorites were DJ Paul and Juicy "J" from Three 6 Mafia, who once tried to pitch a cooking show called Cookin' Ain't Easy and had this great quote: "If you can run a rap group with guys from prison, then you can run a restaurant."

The Mafia boys were very happy to meet one fellow contestant, because they had a picture of her in their recording studio. Who was it? Ashley Dupre, who leveraged her fame from being Eliot Spitzer's favorite call girl into her current gig as an advice columnist for the New York Post.

Keeping up with that theme was Vincent Pastore, aka Big Pussy from The Sopranos. From reality whore fame was The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars contestant Jake Pavelka; Danielle Staub, who was booted off Real Housewives of New Jersey; and Heidi Montag, who had been on MTV's The Hills before making the aptly titled album Superficial.

The celebtestants are responsible for taking over a restaurant on the Sunset Strip. They have 28 days to come up with a concept, name, menu, staff, floor plan design and just about everything else.

In week one, the concept becomes Italian-soul fusion after Big Pussy gives a long explanation about how "Italians and blacks have the same blood." The biggest himbo on the show, Bachelor Jake, confesses that he doesn't know what it means, but imagines a drumstick with a piece of spaghetti wrapped around it.

Heidi says that the name should be Fame, because they are all famous and half the concept is bling. Bada bling!

Everyone is amazed by how easy the decisions are at first, but inevitably heads butt and fake boobs bond. Bosom buddies Danielle and Heidi ditch the group for happy hour. Real tension builds between Danielle and Big Pussy: She calls him a big shot, and he is convinced that she is a Desperate Housewife (wrong show) and a complete and utter bitch. She so is.

What happens when they pitch their idea to the entrepreneurs who will actually have to fund the restaurant? A cold stare, finished off with an "It sucks, the idea."

Shockingly, the girl we thought sucked, literally, for a living, saves the day. Ashley Dupre comes up with the name Picnic and has a concept of picnic tables. The investors love it and the show goes on.

Danielle's hatred of the idea will have us tuning in next week. While Top Chef is on hiatus, this might become our new guilty pleasure.

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The more i see heidi on tv, the more i realize she does not belong on tv!


I thought it was very entertaining. I didn't even know about it. Just watched it on vh1.com. I hope it doesn't get canceled. I loved every character in it. The bachelor guy was the only uninteresting one but he's nice to look at.      http://bit.ly/oRXjQW


I see now why Danielle was so hated. For me...food is about sharing love, respect and caring about another. She creates food poison...with her greed, assaults to others, need for control and absoulutely having no respect for food.


Wow. Danielle is so delusional. "A lister" (as she calls herself), my a**. Sad, sad woman and sadder excuse of a mother. Not exactly the type of role model I would want to be to my children.


Danielle sucked on Housewives and she sucks on this show.  She is disgusting to listen to, her voice, OMG!!!!  She thinks she is so famous and high and mighty.  She is a D list person at best.  How embarrassing for her to act like she does and think she is so right.


danielle wants to be boss of a restrautant . look at that face she has been boss of it for 50 years and see what a f-cking mess that is. she could run a adults only place just have her walkaround the tables no kid would want to be scared that bad to eat there.

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