Teatro ZinZanni's Five-Course Menu: Cheese and Fanfare

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Mollie McWilliams

It may be the most fanfare dinner presentation ever. Where else can confetti rain into your soup?

Teatro ZinZanni's spectacle of jugglers, trapeze artists, and current host, 60's songstress Joan Baez, are the highlight, but beyond the glitzy costumes and constant entertainment, there's another element of the performance: the five-course dinner.

teatrozinzanni 017.jpg
Ben Kellgren
The Rendevous Royale upstaging the Scrimshaw

The lobby doors swing open into the circus-magic ZinZanni world (and lobby bar) an hour before for the show. While many of the almost 200 attendees arrive sans vaudeville wear, after a couple drinks at the bar, they show up at their tables with razzle-dazzle masks, boas, and accessories from the lobby shop.

Going with the theme, I order the Rendevous Royale ($12) from the specialty cocktail menu. With its blackberry puree and ostentatious presentation, the drink matches both Barry Manilow's "Cobacabana," and the red interior of the lobby. It's sweet, and slightly over the top, but then again, so is the night.

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Teatro ZinZanni

Piers 27 and 29, San Francisco, CA

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WOW I almost forgot this place, thanks for the timely reminder, my family coming to town.  If I remember correctly, the entire affair last 3 hours during which time one is wined, dined and entertained by a cast of zany talented  characters who made me laugh, ooh and yah. 

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