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​San Francisco knows haiku. We had 41 entries in our haiku contest to win tickets to the Bay Area BBQ Championship on Saturday, and many of them were great.

No wonder, with a great prize: three $48 tickets, which include five food/drink tickets for each person at the BBQ championship, and three tickets to the A's-Angels doubleheader afterwards.

Just as in baseball, there can be only one winner. While there's no crying in baseball, it is permissible in haiku for runners-up, but only one tear, and only if it drops as softly as a cherry blossom petal on a gentle April breeze.

Now on to the haiku:

Honorable mention
This is not necessary.
Jon: The A's leave bad taste
Because of the way they play
The Q is the cure

The very first haiku entered is a strong one, with a clever pun on taste and nice wordplay with "q" and "cure." Unfortunately Michelle Obama disapproves of eating as a cure for baseball-induced depression, and we have to agree: With a doubleheader against the Angels looming, the potential for too many Saag's sausages is high.

cloudy summer skies
delight of grilled flesh across
the tongue. who will win?

Belying the writer's nickname, this very literary haiku has the seasonality and mixed emotions of a classic: Our skies have clouds. We're delighted by the grilled flesh but concerned about the outcome. And SFoodie loved e.e. cummings back when teachers made us read poetry, so the all-lowercase thing works for us.

Green field so silent
Athletics we cheer proudly
Foodies crunch and munch

A great haiku engages all the senses, and Sandra's has a wonderful way of making us hear the quiet field before the game, the A's fans standing to roar when Cliff Pennington goes deep hits a ground-rule double beats out an infield single, and the chomping of some tasty 'cue.

All worthy efforts. There is no reason for you to consider seppuku, though it would shower you in honor.

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Kristin P.
Kristin P.

Aw shucks, thanks SFoodie!  Congrats to the winner, hope you enjoy the game and the 'cue!


I really enjoyed this contest. Kudos to everyone.

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