Top 10 Fattiest Chain Breakfasts

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​Go to any breakfast chain out there and you'll probably find a meal with more fat in it than you're supposed to eat all day. You can't just order eggs anymore; your meal also comes with pancakes, hash browns, ham, sausage, bacon, and is topped off with cheese and gravy.

Before each chain can invent their next bacon-covered monstrosity, we're counting down the top 10 artery-clogging breakfast options that America has to offer. It's based purely on fat (not calories) and we tried to include a meal from each one of the nation's most popular breakfast chains. Get your nitroglycerin capsules out -- it's time to eat.

10. Cinnabon: Caramel Pecanbon
1080 calories, 50g fat

caramel pecanbon.jpg

Has anyone ever felt good about eating at Cinnabon? You're already crammed in an airport or suburban mall. You know that a cinnamon bun for breakfast isn't a great life choice. You're basically having a piece of cake before 11 a.m. And yet, there you are. The Caramel Pecanbon takes your journey to diabetes a step further by topping an ordinary cinnamon bun with caramel and pecans along with the requisite icing. It has about half a cup of sugar in addition to the four tablespoons of fat they've squeezed in there.

Butter scale: equivalent to 0.55 sticks

9. Bob Evans: Spinach, Bacon & Tomato Biscuit Bowl
1013 calories, 60g fat

bob evans sign.jpg
Daniel Oines/Flickr

The crazy bastards at Bob Evans took a biscuit and shaped it into an actual bowl. The day is almost here when you can eat everything on the table, including the dinnerware. Now we just need utensils made of bacon and we'll be all set. (Somewhere, a Bob Evans executive just got really excited, and he's not sure why.) Inside this saucer of saturated fat, you'll find spinach, tomato, and bacon scrambled with eggs and home fries, and then topped off with Hollandaise sauce, cheddar, and scallions. They should just call this thing the Widowmaker.

Butter scale: equivalent to 0.65 sticks

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Terrific article. Revealing. Laughed out loud. Always ask for the nutritional menu or have the address of the closest hospital. Thanks.

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