Scenes from Mission Chinese Food's Shenzen Dinner

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Janice Leung/E*ting Food
Mission Chinese Food's Shenzen meal: Clam sashimi with tomato water and melon.

Thanks to a tweet from Gary Soup this morning, SFoodie discovered series of posts from food bloggers in Hong Kong and China about a dinner that Mission Chinese Food cooked during the staff's recent sojourn in Shenzhen.

According to reports from E*ting the World, Food of Hong Kong and Macau (who posted the largest photo set), and Joie de Vivre, Danny Bowien and Anthony Myint didn't try to recreate their kung pao corned beef and Westlake oxtail soup in China. Instead, they presented a more haute-cuisine take on their playful Chinese-Western food. The menu included sashimi of geoduck and razor clams with tomato water and ginger-marinated melon; salt-baked prawns; roast duck breast with duck confit purses and fried duck tongues; and sweet cornbread with whipped cream, chrysanthemum syrup, and Asian pear.

E*ting the World's Janice Leung wrote of the meal, "For me, as an eater, the familiarity of the components provided a certain comfort, but the way that they were put together -- fused, juxtaposed, processed, etc. -- is the result of having also been submerged in other cultures. That's where I get the feeling of openness from." That doesn't sound so different from the way San Franciscans respond to Bowien and Myint's food, too.

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