Trader Joe's to Replace Cala Foods on Nob Hill

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​Trader Joe's will be opening a store on Nob Hill at the corner of California and Hyde streets next year, replacing the existing Cala Foods. Real estate development company Prado Group is renovating the existing store, and the new Trader Joe's should open sometime in mid-2012.

Cala Foods, which was supposed to close in December 2010, was able to extend its lease last year while Prado Group's original 107-unit condo development stalled. The multi-use project has now been scrapped, but Cala Foods is still closing after having operated at the location for more than 50 years.

Store manager Jeff Barrett said that employees themselves are not sure exactly when the store will close, as they have been given three different dates. The lease officially expires on Dec. 31, and he could say only that the store will be closing sometime between December and January.

Renovations of the site are scheduled to start in January 2012. Trader Joe's representative Alison Mochizuki says that no date has been set for the grocery store to open. Prado Group president Dan Safier estimates that renovations will take six months.

Starting January, then, Nob Hill will be without a grocery store. "Some ideas are being discussed to minimize the impact to the neighborhood," says Safier, but it seems that in the interim, the 100,000 customers who regularly shop at Cala will have to trek to Whole Foods or Chinatown for groceries.

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I will not go to Chinatown for groceries but can take the #47 bus on Van Ness either to the Safeway in the Northpoint Shopping Center or to the Safeway next to the Cal-Train Depot.There is also a Safeway at 145 Jackson Street in the Golden Gateway Complex reachable the #1 California bus.

Kathleen Neves
Kathleen Neves

I'm so happy that our neighborhood is finally getting a Trader Joes. I'm so over the overpriced alternatives. I have to admit, I will kind of miss the fried chicken smell Cala pumps out everyday.


Did the hotel-workers union have anything to do with killing the condo deal? /sarcasm


My only complaint is that the existing store is 24/7 and the trader joes will definitely not be.SF really seems allergic to anything being 24/7....This will be a better use of the site when the condos are factored in.

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