Grub Pisses Off Its Mission Neighbors

Eden Hensley Silverstein/Flickr
Grub's menu, minus the hate.
Yesterday, Kevin Montgomery at Uptown Almanac reported on a neighborhood dispute over Grub (758 Valencia) escalating to the point of pure hatred. The restaurant opened in October 2010, and residents living above and around the place claim that a compression refrigeration unit installed on the roof of the building is a severe nuisance.

They are now circulating a petition (available to read online) to the Department of Public Health demanding that the agency enforce the San Francisco Noise Ordinance and their other, associated complaints. "Grub's machinery is literally eroding our homes and health," the petition states. "We are suffering from chronic sleep loss, weight loss, and living under extreme stress. Our homes are battle zones complete with the constant drone of machinery."

NIMBYs or sane people driven to desperation? It's hard to tell from the tone of Urban Almanac's post and the petition. The latter does cite a police report, which SFoodie obtained a copy of this morning, that attests to the antagonism between the parties. It documents an April 11 incident when the police responded to call reporting a non-violent fight outside the restaurant. The neighbor, who lives on Lapidge street just behind Grub, told the officers the owner had been standing on the roof of his building, calling her names. When she opened the door, she claims he yelled, "Get in to your dog house, you c***."

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dazzle me
dazzle me

man, this is sf, among the most neighbor-dominated cities in the western hemisphere.  the owner or whoever would be wise to placate whatever issues there are, because in this town, as we all know, a restaurant/business of any kind can be killed off by a few angry neighbors.

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