Curry-Leaf Gin, Vegan Smoothies, and Rice Plates: This Week in Food Bloggery

Citizen Cake's Pride cookie, $3.

Highlights from the blog this week:

1. Jake Swearingen delivers some very important news from Mayor "Run" Ed Lee: 2011 is Soda Free Summer in San Francisco. From a public health perspective, this is very good news, though it sounds about as dreary as the Inner Sunset at dusk right now.

2. This week, I begin a new project I've been scheming up for months: surveying Chinatown restaurants, block by block, rice plate by rice plate. The project started with a whimper (from me) at Kam Po, followed by a bang.

3. Lou Bustamante previews the new cocktails debuting at Dosa next week -- some of which incorporate a new gin Blade Gin has distilled for the Indian restaurant, using cilantro, star anise, and curry leaf. Intriguing.

4. Luis Chong stops in at Roxy's Cafe for an avocado ice cream shake and discovers a magical contraption that makes frothy smoothies out of just fruit juices. Science!

5. Jason Henry conducts a blind tasting of sour beers, the new double IPA. The winners come from Russian River Brewing Company -- but the Belgians, who mastered the genre a few centuries ago, place a couple of beers up there, too.

5a. Dear House of Silvanas: One week after our first date, I'm still thinking about you. Call me?

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