Celebrating Pride with Three Twins Ice Cream

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Three Twins
Three Twins Ice Cream Celebrates Pride

Where: Three Twins Ice Cream, 254 Fillmore (at Haight)

When: Fri., June 24-Sun., June 26

Cost: The price of a scoop (or two, or three)

The rundown: For its second year, Bay Area-based Three Twins Ice Cream is celebrating Pride with scoops for all. Founder Neal Gottlieb started creating Pride flavors for a combination of reasons, but he says, "First and foremost, I think that it's great that we live in a time and a place where people can celebrate who they are, regardless of sexual orientation, race, et cetera." For 2011, flavors draw attention to a gay icon (Dorothy's Red Ruby Slipper Sorbet), a Castro-based business (Hot Cookie), and an important gay leader (Rice Milk Harvey Milk and Cookies). That's a lot for an ice cream company to accomplish in 12 specially-made-for-Pride flavors.

Clever concoctions include Don't Ask, Don't Tell, with strawberry rations from military desserts; and Two Tops Don't Make a Bottom, vanilla ice cream with mixed-in muffin tops. Other flavors incorporate fun puns, such as Bear Bait, peanut butter ice cream with a swirl of honey; and Tea Bag, sweet-cream ice cream infused with Earl Grey. Stop by for a cone after the parade, and pick up a $3 factory pint to bring home for later.

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