AfroUrbanites Throw Second "Modern Ethiopian" Pop-Up in Berkeley

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"The food we cook at home is a lot different from our parents' Ethiopian food," says Faiza Farah, who has begun organizing AfroUrbanites pop-up dinners with Tsedey Seisu. "We stay true to a lot of the techniques and the slow cooking, but we fool around with ingredients. A lot of our stuff is very Californian."

Farah and Seisu's second AfroUrbanites dinner takes place this Saturday at Berkeley's Guerrilla Cafe. The centerpiece of the three-course dinner will be a choice of wots -- tomato-based stews -- with either oxtail or sweet potato. For dessert, the two will perform the Ethiopian coffee ceremony, pregnant with the smells of roasting coffee and incense, and serve vanilla berbere ice cream or tiramisu.

If you miss this dinner, you'll have to wait until late August for the next, when Farah returns from vacation in Ethiopia and France. This fall the two plan to hold monthly AfroUrbanite dinners at either Guerrilla Cafe or San Francisco's Coffee Bar.

When: Saturday, June 18, 6-10 p.m.
Where: Guerrilla Cafe, 1620 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley.
Price: $25; make reservations at

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You all need to do your research before publishing anything about theAfrourbanites ladies. They are definitely unorganized, are users, anddo not know a thing about what they are doing. Just sistas with nofocus and no vision other than to beat their own people, excuse me“people of the African Diaspora” out of money and will do anything tocome up. They do not even know a thing about any Africans (other thanthemselves Ethiopians & Somalians), Caribbeans, or Black Americanhistory. Google is their best friend and so is posting pictures ofthemselves. New blogs and website owners don’t have a clue that they donothing but post what other people do! No originality at all! Theybarely even speak and interact with people who they feel do not benefitthem. Just sad, sad, sad! Please do your homework and know that theyare out for themselves and include who they want uplifting no onewhatsoever. I’m sure they give a different story. As far as SelamPop-Up kitchen. It was a joke, overpriced, and not run efficiently. Ifthey are going to do cooking or catering, they need to open arestaurant and stop being cheap using someone else’s establishmentlying to and using the owners. Time for these “sistas” to be called out!

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